The Founder

Giulio Bertola founded ADV Communication in 2001.

A company that best interprets the concept of a company of values, thanks also to its consistently positive balance sheet results over more than two decades and its continued ownership to this day.

An example of winning, ethical, non-speculative entrepreneurial planning, which has been able to cope with the significant changes in Romania by having an uncommon managerial ability that has enabled it to overcome the large and sudden 20-year criticalities, moreover also typical of an emerging country, without, however, negatively impacting the workforce or third-party suppliers, thus preserving as a top priority human capital but also the customer and its needs.

His name is associated with the internationalization of important Italian multinationals in Romania over the past 18 years, in the Energy, Transport, Automotive, Industry and Health sectors, as well as with major events enhancing the value of Made in Italy in the country. In the confindustrial sphere, he holds the position of founder and current president of Confindustria Romania, as well as the deputy vice-presidency of Confindustria Eastern Europe with responsibility for Health and the Health Industrial Chain.

Bertola is also the only foreign businessman who is a member of the Romanian Presidency’s Diaspora Technical Group for the preparation of a multifaceted project aimed at encouraging and incentivizing the return of Romanians from abroad.

Over the years, he has participated in challenging Public Diplomacy Campaigns, including. at particularly critical times for Italian-Romanian relations. He was Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania (CCIpR) and, during his term, personally contributed to the organizational renewal of this structure.

Giulio Bertola’s presence in Romania can be traced back to the main Strategic Agreements, between the associative world of the largest Italian investments in the country (Confindustria Romania) and the main trade union federation forces of workers in Romania, such as Cartel Alfa (41 trade unions), the Sanitas Federation (more than 100,000 members from the health sector) and ProAGRO. In Italy, he is currently a Director on the Board of A.N.S.I. – Associazione Nazionale Sanità Integrativa (to which more than 150 Italian mutual health facilities belong).

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